What do I need to know to buy a used car?

When days ago you are tired of dealing with public transport or having to depend on a friend to take you and bring you everywhere, it is a good time to rethink buying a car, maybe looking for used car options. Of course it is not a quick and simple decision. You will have to evaluate all situations.

The purchase of a 0km car can be unattainable many times. However good the payment modalities may seem, they can end up being very high fees that end up damaging your daily economy. It is for this reason that buying a used car may be the solution you are looking for right now.


Prior to making the purchase, you will have to consider certain issues

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  1. It makes a budget. “How much do you want to spend on a car?” And “How much money do you have to invest?” These will be the first questions you should ask yourself to define the brand and model of the used car you want to buy.

  2. Find the best used car in the market. Basically in the market you can find many used cars for sale with the same model and brand; However, not everyone will be in the same condition. Some will have more kilometers, or will be painted due to previous shocks, all this you will have to anticipate and consider to buy the best available car for your possibilities.

  3. Evaluate the quality of the used car to buy. You don’t need to be an expert in mechanics, sheet metal and paint to buy a used car. What we suggest is that before making the payment of the car, you see it with a friend of those specialists in iron that understands the subject, being able to be a reliable mechanic who can give you a technical opinion of your future purchase.

  4. Roles a day. Another point not less important are the car’s papers. The best thing is that they are up to date and in order. Avoid surprises and ask the owner to show you the car title and a copy to be able to review the debts that the car may have, whether patent or for traffic violations. All this information can be obtained online depending on the Registry where the car is registered.

After having taken the necessary precautions, you will see that making the decision to buy a used car will be easier and you will have the confidence that you will make a thoughtful and successful investment.

In case you need extra help you can use the loan simulator on our website. There you can make a real forecast of the amount of money you can get and how much you will pay in installment according to your abilities.


Where to buy used cars?

Where to buy used cars?

We have to give luck to the technological era that allows us to access a level of information that otherwise would not be possible. In this case, the different websites where to buy used cars allow us to compare the characteristics of different brands and models , quickly and easily, so that our decision is even more effective.

You can find pages like DeAutoCosmo or Cars Online where you will see that, by completing the required information, the system will make the comparison of products in a few seconds. In this way you can decide whether to give more priority to the body or engine. Everything will depend on your claims and possibilities that you have when paying.

On the pages GoAutos or AutoMoto you can make the direct purchase with the owners of used cars without dealerships dealers. The pages offer you a courier service to send your queries and, thus, get in touch with the owners and negotiate the most convenient price for your purchase.


Advantages of buying used cars

Advantages of buying used cars

When we do not have the possibility of accessing a brand new car, the best option will be to buy a used car. In addition to the costs that will be comparatively lower, we can find the following benefits for the buyer:

  • The seller will bear the costs of market depreciation. A new car can cost between 20% and 30% more than a used car. Many times you can find car opportunities with few kilometers of use and even with excellent care. The offer is the most varied, you have to know how to search!

  • Most accessible price for insurance. Used cars usually pay a lower insurance premium because spare parts cost much less compared to brand new cars. Especially those that have parts that must be imported for replacement.

  • Direct sale of used cars from the manufacturer. Some car manufacturers or companies sell their corporate cars at a more accessible price and are vehicles in impeccable condition and even with little use.

  • Buy car to fix. Another great option is to buy a used car that was recently the victim of a crash. Depending on the severity you can take out a loan to fix the car and thus have it as new with a low investment.

In case you are in need of help to finance the purchase of your used car, you can find out the different types of loans that Enoch Arden offers. Check the requirements and conditions to take the loan that best suits your possibilities and pocket.


Consider taking a loan 

Consider taking a loan 

It is important that you consider that taking out a loan is a contractual obligation that requires a commitment to return money in a timely manner. For this reason, it will be key that you evaluate what your income is in order to face future obligations.

Do not forget to find out the options you have and thus be able to enjoy your car in the fastest and easiest way.

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